Wireless Router
On a USB Stick

You want to have instant internet connection for your laptop/tablet/phone outside your home or office?

You want to have extra memory for your phone and have its content shared?

You want to play a movie and let everyone watch it on his own PC, tablet or phone at the same time?

...XYFI is your solution!

Media streaming & File sharing

As XYFI comes with a microSD card slot you can easily access all the videos, music, photos and documents stored on the XYFI’s microSD card using your WiFi-enabled device.

Free up space on your device or keep an extra copy by uploading these files onto the XYFI’s microSD card.

Share your XYFI microSD content with other XYFI users if you choose to do so.

Stream media files (videos, music, photos and documents) without being obliged to connect to internet (You can of course connect to Internet while streaming, if needed).

Thanks to the XYFI streaming engine, you can stream to 8 devices at the same time. For full list over supported media file formats (mp4, m4v, mov, mpg, mp3, aac, wav, m4a etc.), please download our Streaming Compatibility List

Apple® Airplay friendly – Use your iOS (iPhone/iPAD) to play songs from XYFI on Airplay-enabled speakers, or play movies on the big screen via Apple TV®.

Supports all WiFi-enabled devices (iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Kindle/Windows/ Mac/Linux + many more)

Free App available (XYFI Streamer) for Android, iOS and Amazon for easy access.

Tech Specs

Easy Setup

With XYFI it has never been easier to get online, and no installation is needed.

Just insert a standard SIM card, power up XYFI and it will auto connect to the Internet.

Tech Specs


Power Accessories

Extend the power of your XYFI, with Battery Pack, Wall & Car Adapters

  • Power on the move
  • Perfect travel companions
  • Make the XYFI truly mobile
  • Designed for perfect XYFI fit
  • Charges any USB-powered devices as well
  • No installation needed
  • LED power indicators

Battery Pack

  • 8+ hours surfing, watching and listening

Wall Adapter

  • Power your XYFI directly to a power socket

Car Adapter

  • Get online whenever you are on the road
Tech Specs

WiFi + 3G

XYFI comes with built-in WiFi and 3G. It means that whenever you have access to an available WiFi network, XYFI can connect for even higher speeds.

XYFI as WiFi Extender

The XYFI is equipped with dual mode WiFi, it will work just perfect if you would like to extend the range of your current wireless network in your home. Ideal for a warm summer-day and finally receiving WiFi signals on your terrace.

Tech Specs


XYFI is unlocked and not tied to any mobile operator. You are free to insert any standard data SIM card in order to get online (both pre-paid and post-paid plans).

As normally XYFI will insert the APN address automatically for you, so it is very simple to activate a new SIM card with XYFI.

Tech Specs

Easy to manage and control

It is very easy to manage your XYFI and to see connection status, active users, change password, userguide and much, much more, using the device connected to XYFI.

There is no need for a special app to be installed to manage XYFI, as the XYFI control pages are accessible using a web browser.

In addition, the XYFI is smart enough to detect the device connecting to it. It then adapts the onscreen interface to the type of device.

If XYFI detects a PC, for instance, then it will show the full screen version. If it detects an iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet, XYFI will show the interface specially adapted for smartphones.

It also supports several languages, so if you are non-english speaker, it should not be a problem.

Tech Specs


Better than smartphone tethering

Yes, we know you can create a WiFi with a smartphone using tethering. But here is why using XYFI to make an instant hotspot makes better sense:

To begin with, tethering is not easily accessible. Many users do not know how to turn it on. And it drains the phone’s battery when enabled.

Some wireless service providers disable tethering and require a new contract to enable it. Even users with an unlimited data plan must pay extra to tether.

Many smartphones disable tethering when receiving a call. XYFI maintains the device connections continuously -- without interruption.

Using XYFI eliminates the need to give others a direct connection to your smartphone where you store your sensitive and confidential personal information (e.g., calendars, e-mails, phone numbers). Instead, they connect to your XYFI device.

Other reasons to favor XYFI over tethering:

  • XYFI operates with local, pure data SIM tariffs that are often cheaper per MB than mixed SIM tariffs and roaming charges.

  • Most smartphones allow tethering using only 2G or 3G, and not a WiFi Internet connection. XYFI can connect to 2G, 3G, WiFi, and hotspots.

  • Smartphones do not allow others to access, upload, and share your files. An XYFI with a microSD card allows sharing and streaming of multimedia files.

Tech Specs

No roaming fees for internet

When you go abroad and make a connection with your phone you start roaming; and the fees can add up fast.

One solution is you buy a local SIM and put it in your phone, but then nobody can reach you using your standard phone number, as you have a different (local) SIM card inserted into your phone.

The best solution is with XYFI; you buy and insert a local SIM in the XYFI, power it and instantly create a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 devices. Your phone will receive all phone calls.

Tech Specs

How you can benefit from using XYFI

Just consider the myriad of situations in which XYFI can enhance your communication with others:

  • You are meeting with your customer outside the office to review a project. You can use battery-powered XYFI to create a WiFi hotspot for reviewing spreadsheets, Gantt Charts, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other project-related data.

  • You want to share files in a meeting in a room with a bad Internet connection. Plug in XYFI and the team members can share spreadsheets and other files with their clients on laptops.

  • You are on the road having lunch in a roadside restaurant. With XYFI running off its battery pack, you can check your e-mail, update customer records, or process an order … without having to worry about the quality of the WiFi connectivity in the restaurant.

  • You ar traveling with your family in your car. Simply plug XYFI into the car’s power adapter and the whole family gets access simultaneously on their wireless devices.

  • You are traveling abroad, and roaming among different mobile networks is expensive. Insert a local SIM in XYFI with battery pack or wall adapter to instantly create a WiFi hot spot you can share with up to 8 colleagues or family members.

  • The fixed Internet connection in your office fails. XYFI, which can be powered by its wall plug or battery pack, instantly creates a wireless Internet connection –-- so you can access the Web, send e-mail, share files, and stream video.
Tech Specs